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                                    Application of engraving milling machine in mold manufacturing industry

                                    2020-06-15 H:33:53

                                    The cutting technology of engraving milling machine promotes the rapid development of mechanical cold working manufacturing industry innovates the concept of product design, such as using integral parts to replace parts, improving processing efficiency product quality, shortening product manufacturing cycle. High speed cutting accelerates the replacement of automobile, mould, aviation, aerospace, optics, precision machinery other products. However, due to various reasons, there are quite a number of high-speed machine tools, such as the tool configuration can meet the use of low-speed high-speed spindle, due to long-term load improper service life, high-speed cutting process parameter library cadicam high-speed programming software package caused by high-speed cutting application is very good, high-speed cutting process flow traditional process flow are organically combined Fully develop the advantages of high speed machining deformation, high efficiency low positioning fixture. As one of the most important advanced manufacturing technologies in mold manufacturing, Yiming high-speed engraving milling machine is an advanced manufacturing technology with high efficiency, high quality low consumption.

                                    Compared with the traditional cutting process, the cutting speed feed rate are greatly improved, the cutting mechanism is different. High speed cutting makes the cutting process take a necessary leap, the metal removal rate per unit power is increased by 30% 40%, the cutting force is reduced by 30%, the cutting life is increased by 70%, the cutting waste heat is greatly reduced, the low-order cutting vibration almost disappears. With the increase of cutting speed, the removal rate of blank material per unit time increases, the cutting time is shortened the machining efficiency is improved. At the same time, the small advance of high-speed machining reduces the cutting force, the high-speed chip discharge reduces the cutting force thermal stress deformation. Due to the decrease of cutting force the increase of cutting speed, the working frequency of cutting system is far lower than the low order natural frequency of machine tool. High speed cutting can replace the electrical machining polishing process in the machining process of high hardened steel (erc45hrc65), which avoids the electrode manufacturing time-consuming electrical machining, greatly reduces the grinding polishing ability of the fixture.




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