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                                    CNC engraving machine equipment technical requirements characteristics carving milling machine precision engraving machine manufacturers tell you

                                    2020-06-15 H:27:35

                                    1. The actual working area of aluminum plate Yiming carving milling machine: 2000x6000mm

                                    2. Machining accuracy: 0.1 mm within 4 meters

                                    3. The maximum working speed of engraving machine manufacturer is more than 26m / min, which allows dynamic adjustment of processing speed cutting speed in the process of processing.

                                    4. The software is compatible with various CAD / CAM design production software, such as type 3 / Artcom / castmate / ventai.

                                    5. Intelligent three-dimensional computer numerical control function can realize three-axis linear linkage, which can fast smooth three-dimensional machining, drilling abnormal cutting, abnormal blanking, hollow carving other processing.

                                    It has the functions of breakpoint, fault recovery processing time prediction.

                                    7. Large gantry engraving milling machine is equipped with automatic knife tool function point-to-point / step CNC function to accurately adjust the position of tool tip.

                                    8. The equipment supplier shall provide free technical operation training. The equipment system software shall provide free lifelong technology upgrade free training new functions.

                                    9. The structural strength rigidity of the equipment shall meet the requirements of long-term continuous operation.

                                    (10) The manufacturing quality of the steel structure parts of the equipment shall meet the requirements of the national machine tool equipment standards, with fine appearance no defects.

                                    11. The aluminum plate is straight-line shaped, which can realize one-time forming of corner hole opening hole.

                                    12. The clamping device which can move forward backward can effectively avoid corner hole opening notch.

                                    13. Two 31 aluminum plates can be cut into crushing function, the cutting is smooth undamaged.

                                    14. Water mist cooling system.




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